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2007 Annual Report

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2007 was a momentous year for the SFP as the SFP moved closer to one of its core goals - to ensure legal protection from secondhand smoke across Europe. The SFP worked hard in collaboration with the “Global Smokefree Partnership” to ensure European support for the draft Article 8 Guidelines of the FCTC which were adopted with unanimous support from all Parties. The SFP also responded to requests received from several Member States for assistance in adopting smokefree laws in their country.

The SFP led the work of the EU RIP (Reduced Ignition Propensity) Alliance to ensure the success of the campaign for “fire-safer” cigarettes.

Internationally, The SFP worked on the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) issues and in particular, investigation of EU funding streams for tobacco control in developing countries and supporting work on FCTC monitoring being carried out by the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA).

  • Another milestone for the SFP in 2007 was the launch of the website
  • The findings and key messages of the “Lifting Smokescreen” report, which have been translated into most EU languages and are available on the SFP website, continue to be widely used by public health experts, policy makers and politicians across Europe to support smokefree policies. The figure of at least 79,000 EU deaths from passive smoking is now routinely quoted in any EU-level debate on passive smoking.

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