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2018 Annual Report

Discover SFP's work throughout 2018 in our latest Annual Report.

Tobacco Tax for a Healthier Europe

  • Health impact of taxation recognised in the European Commission assessment of the existing Tobacco Tax Directive
  • Multi-stakeholder events helped strengthen dialogue between experts, government officials and advocates
  • Position paper and Mythbuster arguments support national civil society organisations in advocacy for excise duty increases


EU Research for Tobacco Control

  • SFP proposals on cancer and NCD prevention included in European Parliament legislative report
  • Part of civil society advocacy for prevention policy research, recognised in Horizon 2020 and its Cancer Mission


Exposing tobacco industry interference

  • Annual infographic on tobacco industry lobby spending is a go-to resource for policy-makers and NGOs
  • Exposure of tobacco industry involvement in events and false claims across policy files


Fight against Illicit Trade

  • SFP and Coalition members advocacy supported the entry into force of the Illicit Trade Protocol and the adoption of the EU tracking and tracing system.


National policies

  • SFP Coalition partners were successful in advocating for plain packaging in Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey as part of broader tobacco control plans
  • Successful defense of smoke-free environments by Coalition partners in the Ukraine and Czechia
  • Building capacity to monitor tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship by Coalition partners

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