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Suzanne Gabriels

SFP Board Member

Suzanne Gabriels

Suzanne Gabriels is the Manager of Tobacco Control at the Belgian Foundation against Cancer. She holds a Master's Degree Clinical Psychology from KU Leuven (graduated in 1988).

In the past she has had the following roles within different organisations and structures: Interuniversity Training Smoking Cessation Support, Project Management at Vlerick Business School Ghent, Member of (scientific) advisory committees, National Coalition against Tobacco and Flemish Platform against Tobacco, Interuniversity Working Group Training Smoking Cessation Support, Flemish Working Group Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs, Steering Committee Federal Tobacco Fund (Federal subsidies for Belgian smoking-cessation projects, Steering Committee Socost research (Social cost of legal and illegal drugs in Belgium).

She has worked for Psylos, sport and leisure association for people with mental health problems and she has been Staff member and winner of the Julie Renson Price for most innovative project in Social Psychiatry (project custom holidays for sheltered housing). She has had various roles within VLK, Vlaamse Liga tegen Kanker (Flemish League against Cancer) and STK- Stichting tegen Kanker (Foundation against Cancer).

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