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Discover the Smoke Free Partnership Coalition.

What is the SFP Coalition?

The SFP Coalition is a network comprising of independent EU and national advocacy organisations with technical expertise in tobacco control policy. Led by SFP, Coalition partners work to-gether to promote and support smoking prevention through the development of advocacy to-wards EU tobacco control policies through the development and implementation of the FCTC, its protocols and guidelines.

The main priority of the SFP Coalition is to promote forward-looking and evidence-based tobac-co control legislation in order to implement the FCTC in specific and cross-cutting policy areas, with an overarching goal of improving health and reducing health inequalities among EU citizens.

The SFP Coalition currently has 42 partners across Europe including SFP Main partners, Associate partners and Advocacy partners. The Coalition meets annually to discuss and agree advocacy priorities at EU and national level on specific areas.

SFP Coalition partners recognise the fundamental importance of strengthening cooperation on tobacco control policy in the EU through better communication of our actions and capacity-building regarding specific areas of the FCTC at European and national level.


How does the SFP Coalition work?

• SFP provides technical assistance to SFP Coalition partners regarding policy developments and programme initiatives related to tobacco control, allowing them to contribute to the policy making process at EU level

• SFP facilitates the exchange of information between the partners of the SFP Coalition regard-ing EU and national advocacy on smoking prevention and tobacco control to enable the Coa-lition to act cohesively

• SFP trains, mentors and supports the partners of the SFP Coalition so that they can engage with the EU in a consistent and coordinated manner

• SFP promotes tobacco control information and policy research at EU and national level, in collaboration with other EU health organisations and tobacco control organisations

• Coalition Partners keep SFP informed of major policy and strategic developments on tobacco control in their country

• Coalition Partners may ask the SFP Coalition to support specific national priorities either through letters, consultation submissions, or through public activities such as reports or press releases


The SFP Coalition is non-profit making, transparent and financially independent of industry, commercial and business or other conflicting interests. It is not a legal entity.

Read our Transparency Statement here.


SFP Coalition partners:

  1. Belgium/EU: International association of mutual benefit societies
  2. Belgium/EU: CPME: Standing Committee of European Doctors
  3. Belgium/EU: ECL: Association of European Cancer Leagues
  4. Belgium/EU: EHN: European Heart Network
  5. Belgium: Belgian Foundation against Cancer
  6. Belgium/EU: EuroHealthNet
  7. Belgium: Kom Op Tegen Kanker
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina: PROI: Progressive Reinforcement of Organizations and Individuals
  9. Bulgaria: Smoke Free Life Coalition Bulgaria
  10. Czech Republic: Česko Bez Kouře
  11. Finland: Suomen ASH: Finland’s Action on Smoking and Health
  12. France: CNCT: Comité National Contre Le Tabagisme
  13. France: La Ligue contre le cancer
  14. Germany: ABNR: Aktionsbündnis Nichtrauchen
  15. Germany: Unfairtobacco
  16. International: FCA Framework Convention Alliance on Tobacco Control
  17. Ireland: ASH Ireland
  18. Ireland: Irish Cancer Society
  19. Italy: SITAB: Società Italiana di Tabaccologia
  20. Kosovo: Kosovo Advocacy and Development Center
  21. Lithuania: NTAKK: Lithuanian National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition
  22. Macedonia: Institute for Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia
  23. Montenegro: Juventas
  24. Norway: Norwegian Cancer Society
  25. Poland: MANKO Association
  26. Portugal: CATR: Centro de Apoio, Tratamento e Recuperação
  27. Romania: ARPS: Asociatia Romana pentru Promovarea Sanatatii
  28. Romania: Asociatia Generatia Romania Sanatoasa 2035
  29. Serbia: Association „Health Mission“
  30. Serbia: Serbian Society for the Fight Against Cancer 
  31. Slovenia: No Excuse Slovenia
  32. Slovenia: Slovenian Coalition for Public Health, Environment and Tobacco Control
  33. Spain: IDEPP: Grupo de I+D en Economía, Políticas Públicas y Salud
  34. Spain: XQNS!
  35. Sweden: Tobaksfakta - Independent Think Tank
  36. The Netherlands: Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij!
  37. The Netherlands: Dutch Cancer Society
  38. The Netherlands/EU: INWAT: International Network of Women against Tobacco Europe
  39. Turkey: Turkish National Coalition on Tobacco or Health
  40. UK: ASH (UK)
  41. UK: Cancer Research UK
  42. UK: UKCTAS: UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies
  43. UK: FRESH
  44. Ukraine: Life: Regional Advocacy Center


The Smoke Free Partnership receives operating funding from the European Commission. The views expressed in this website do not necessarily reflect the official views of the EU institutions.

The Smoke Free Partnership receives project funding from the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease under the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use.
E-mail: info@smokefreepartnership.eu
Phone: +32 (0) 2 430 73 59
Address: Rue de l'Industrie 24, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

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