SFP's vision is a world free from the death and suffering caused by tobacco consumption.


SFP's vision is a world free from the death and suffering caused by tobacco consumption.


SFP’s mission is the effective implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). To this end, the SFP works with decision makers to ensure that tobacco control receives adequate political attention at EU level and to promote tobacco control information and policy research at EU and national level, in collaboration with other EU health organizations and tobacco control networks. It also aims to ensure FCTC implementation globally, and is working to release EU funding for tobacco control to counter poverty in developing countries.


Our advocacy work is:

  • Based on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control; we recognise that the tobacco pandemic is nurtured by a global industry which transcends national and regional boundaries, and requires a coordinated response with other regions

  • Based on partnerships; we recognise the need to work with others and to draw on a wide range of views and expertise to achieve our aims and objectives

  • Evidence based; our work and policy positions are independent and based on our critical review of published, peer-reviewed evidence and feedback from experts and partner organisations

  • Based on efficiency and effectiveness; we deliver agreed objectives and outputs, and continually seek to improve on processes and make best use of resources

  • Flexible and innovative; we work both proactively to shape the agendas of the European Institutions as well as reactively to respond to needs and priorities at European level, taking into account the global picture.

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