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Big Tobacco is no friend to Women!

Friday, March 8th, 2019
Big Tobacco is no friend to Women!

8th March 2019: The International Network of Women against Tobacco (INWAT) calls out the Phillip Morris International (PMI) “Week of Women,” – a so called celebration of International Women’s Day a hoax.

PMI has a renowned and infamous history of marketing to women and children with deadly consequences. We challenge their Women's Day activity as fake corporate social responsibility as highly misleading and irresponsible.

An industry that cynically targets women and girls across the world with the sole aim of keeping women and girls addicted to their deadly product, expanding in developing countries and undermining tobacco control legislation everywhere.

“We know that tobacco companies do not have the health of consumers at heart. To claim they are interested in the health of women when their aggressive marketing campaigns targeted at women and girls have the express aim of getting women and girls addicted to their products, is a cynical ploy.” Marion Hale President INWAT

We particularly highlight that:

  1. PMI has not yet been held accountable for the generations of women and girls who have become victims of its addictive products.
  2. The products of PMI, continue to be marketed to girls and boys.
  3. Altria, which is linked to PMI, has bought shareholdings in Juul which is causing a new epidemic among teens both boys and girls.
  4. PMI's so-called transformation towards "new products" disregard gender issues. Gender differences in e-cigarettes parallel those in traditional cigarettes.
  5. PMI's penchant for fake CSR can be also seen in its funding of the Foundation for Smoke Free World which is aligned with its corporate affairs strategy to dominate the market in "new products".

INWAT’s primary focus is women and girls’ health- we reject all activity of PMI that endeavors to link tobacco with women’s empowerment.

For more information please contact Marion Hale President INWAT +61447567317 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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