Rationale for FILTERED

The main goal of the FILTERED Project (From sILos To synErgies to pRevEnt ncDs) is to stimulate collaborative advocacy, health promotion, action and accountability at the European and national level, including in Ukraine, for the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among civil society organisations. The focus is on the reduction of alcohol-related harm, tobacco control and the reduction of the consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks. 

The FILTERED project will strengthen cooperation between all Partners and other stakeholders to foster a co-creative approach and mutually beneficial partnerships, coalitions and strategic alliances in a culture of mutual learning, enrichment and respect to address the complex problems related to an integrated approach to tackling the main risk factors of NCDs (alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy foods and drinks).

All the activities of this project are based on transversal actions suggested in the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and its implementation road map and the EU “Healthier Together” NCD initiative, as well as the WHO Best Buys and other WHO recommended policy interventions to address NCDs. 

This project pays particular attention to the EU’s main policy interventions to address some of the main risk factors for NCDs (specifically tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy foods and drinks) and their impact on key NCDs, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. By tackling NCDs risk factors in a joined-up way, the unique and innovative character of this project includes new evidence for working together, peer-to-peer connections, capacity building capacity programmes, national debates and high-impact events. 

In this project, SFP is in charge of Work Package 5 on pro-health taxes. With the support of a group of experts in the field, SFP will conduct an in-person capacity-building workshop on pro-health taxation. We will also prepare an advocacy toolkit to be used by the public health community in Europe to guide a step-by-step approach to designing and implementing advocacy campaigns to support leaders among decision-makers who will be championing tax increases on tobacco, alcohol, and SSBs at the national and EU levels. 

Consortium Partners:

  • European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare)
  • Smoke Free Partnership (SFP)
  • European Heart Network (EHN)
  • Youth Health Organisation (YHO)
  • The Ukrainian Coalition for Reproductive Health and Family Planning (WHFP)
  • Advocacy Centre “Life” (Ukraine)

Associated Partners:

  • European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)
  • EuroHealthNet


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