This summary of the 2024 application for an EU4H operating grant presents the activities planned by the SFP Coalition in 2024

Tuesday, 14 May 2024

This application outlines the planned activities of the SFP Coalition for 2024 and how these align with the goals of the EU4Health Programme. Specifically, SFP's objectives directly contribute to disease prevention, health promotion, and international health cooperation, as outlined in the EU4Health Programme. Additionally, the Commission's 2024 work programme emphasises the importance of initiatives like Europe's Beating Cancer Plan, which aims to reduce tobacco use by 5% and improve health outcomes across the EU. 

The SFP Coalition's primary aim is to prevent cancer and other non-communicable diseases through advocating tobacco control measures. These efforts prioritise improving EU citizens' health and reducing health disparities, particularly among young people, while embracing a comprehensive approach to health. Comprising 57 members from 26 European and EU neighborhood countries, the Coalition is solely dedicated to analysing policies and advocating for tobacco control. With a vision of a tobacco-free world for children, the Coalition focuses on implementing measures outlined in the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) to tackle tobacco-related health challenges.


Recognising tobacco consumption as a leading cause of preventable cancer and non-communicable diseases, the SFP Coalition's central goal is to advocate for effective FCTC measures, communication strategies, and capacity-building initiatives at both EU and national levels. This involves collaboration with public health NGOs, tobacco control experts, and international organisations such as the WHO.


Overall, the SFP Coalition's activities are aimed at strengthening tobacco control policies, mobilizing stakeholders, and influencing decision-makers to prioritise evidence-based strategies for a healthier future. 

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